Asia Pacific College puts the ‘Summer’ in their annual event “SoMA Solstice”

SoMA Fair Poster

APC’s SoMA Organizations kicks off two days of festivities on March 22 and 23 for their annual SoMA Fair event named as “SoMA Solstice”

In order to promote and showcase the skills and talents of the students in the School of Multimedia & Arts, Asia Pacific College launches SoMA Fair to not only showcase, but to enhance the creativity and skills of their students. The SoMA Fair is handled by the student organizations of APC. Namely, Bahay Bombilya as the mother organization of the School of Multimedia & Arts, Animation Society, Flickers, Psychology Society, and Cinema SoMA.

The SoMA Fair exists to encourage the APCians to unleash their creativity through the multiple activities of the event: competitions, games, quizzes, parades, fashion shows or pageants, art related seminars, and many more.

This year, the SoMA Fair is entitled as “SoMA Solstice” for its two mixed themes, Pop art and Galaxy. The event will be held on March 22 and 23, 2018 (Thursday and Friday) within the grounds of Asia Pacific College. The event will be having a cosplay parade for its opening, a series of games by the Psychological Society and Flickers, a cosplay competition and show, an artist talk (with artists Panch Alvarez, Jeffrey Jarin, Jem Magbanua, and Wipo), and a poetry event with band performances (Event title: SHADE x BOMBA Nigh) by Figures, Notes Below Departure, Sleep Alley, Wishbone Wednesday, Ibayo and Musico.