Ashley Park Shares Tips on Overcoming Your Fears and Following Your Dreams

In ‘Emily in Paris’, Ashley Park plays the role of Mindy Chen, who becomes Emily’s first friend in Paris after randomly meeting her at a park. We later learn that Mindy is living in Paris after embarrassing herself during a singing competition aired on national television in China.

During a recent online interview with Ashley, she shared some tips on overcoming our fears and following our dreams.

Find a good support system.

Ashley points out that Mindy’s parents were actually super supportive of her trying to be a pop star. She just happened to mess up big time. In real life, Ashley shares she is blessed to have the most supportive family despite her parents knowing absolutely nothing about musical theater to begin with. Ashley says that a good support system is very important and has played a big part in her personal life.

Even Mindy was blessed to have a good support system in ‘Emily in Paris’. Her parents supported her dreams, and Emily and her other friends pushed her to overcome her fears. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, having people around you who believe in you and support you can do wonders in boosting your self-esteem and helping you overcome any hurdles you might face in life.

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Don’t let stage fright get to you.

Ashley admits that she has messed up every time she has ever been on a Broadway stage at some point, but she never let it get to her. “I think that’s how people get over stage fright,” she states. “Stage fright doesn’t go away necessarily, but you need to learn how to deal with it.”

She also points out that nervousness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, she believes it is a sign that you care. “Having stage fright means that you care about pleasing or satisfying the people that you’re doing the art for,” she says. “So I think caring is really good.”

Get into the right physical and mental state.

Ashley actually always tells young people and students that stage fright is great. “You learn to deal with it from a technical level. My tips are always very physical based,” she shares. “I have lots of little tips and tricks that I do before I go on stage or sing. I pant like a dog for 10 seconds because it releases your diaphragm. I’m a believer in those kinds of little tricks for the physical body and for your mental state, as well.”

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Always follow your dreams.

Ashley strongly believes in following your dreams, even if your parents may be against them. She points out that self fulfillment is very important. “You don’t want to resent anybody for holding you back,” she adds. Of course, it is still important to follow your dreams in a way that’s respectful to your parents. “That means that you will be able to find more power and more confidence in yourself, and attaining whatever that is.”

Listen to your gut.

Ashley believes in everyone having really good instincts. “Listen to your gut and not all the other choices,” she stresses. “You know what’s good and you know what’s wrong and right. I feel like every instance is so hard to make black and white. It’s always gray, so it really depends on what your dream is, as well.”

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