As pandemic wears on, FEU Young Women’s Christian Association launches Health Fair Series

Today, the worries brought by Covid-19 affected important unintended consequences, such as making it challenging for individuals to maintain quality of life and well-being.

In October 2019, the World Health Organization stated that in 9 people, there is one person that is conflicted or suffering from a moderate or severe mental disorder.

“It is important for everyone to have access in gaining the knowledge in mental, sexual, and health issues that could further bring awareness of being able to encourage in knowing the importance of understanding mental illness as well as promoting support for health journey of these people,” YWCA – FEU Chapter claimed.

With this Health Fair Series, YWCA – FEU Chapter hopes to help overcome fears and worries as we rise through the occasion of the Covid-19 pandemic. This all-female organization envisions to tackle and address the concerns we are currently facing. They also aims to act as a listening companion to build up the possibilities of early intervention.

ywca press release

This three-day event would be held in three Saturdays of the month, starting on October 17, 2020 6 – 9:00 PM with the following activities: Hawak Kamay, a mental health webinar that would address the concerns of FEU students in these trying times. Pleasure Me: Guilty Pleasure No More, a relatable learning event that will tackle one of the taboo-est topics in our country; sex, and not just the sugarcoated version of sex education. Lastly, Laban Pinay! An online seminar that would spread awareness regarding Cervical Cancer, how to detect it and the importance of regular check-up.

An act, no matter how small, can enlighten someone’s heart and mind. With your help, YWCA – FEU Chapter vows to do whatever it takes to ensure that we can adapt to the necessary pedagogy applicable to our needs.

This Health Fair Series is led by FEU Young Women’s Christian Association with the support of other friends of YWCA. Fill the future with awareness and become an advocate today.