‘As always, #InAko’: Why Every Filipina is a Shero

When it comes to achieving their goals, taking risks, and making big sacrifices for their families, modern Filipinas are always in and ready to take it on!

Over the past years, Filipinas have won achievements inside and outside of their households — from holding their families together through the toughest times up to winning crowns and medals for the country. They are modern-day Sheroes indeed, not just for their own families but for our nation as well.

But what makes them Sheroes is not just because of their triumphs — it’s when they are not afraid to talk about their past mistakes especially when it comes to handling finances. They are willing to admit these mistakes and learn from them like a certified Shero.

Filipinas have what it takes to be Sheroes

We all have Sheroes in our lives. She may be the young breadwinner balancing her work and studies, the entre-Pinay hustling for her small business, the OFW enduring all the hardships for her family back home, or the hands-on mother who is always willing to protect her loved ones.

One thing’s for sure: you can be a Shero, too. Because despite all the struggles we’re facing especially during this pandemic — physically, emotionally, or financially — you always still find a way to support your family’s wellbeing.

Shero Shari Poquiz, who juggles both roles of being a single mom and a business owner, shares how Sheroes are able to cope during this pandemic: “Kaya tayo Sheroes because we can adjust and make it work. We just have to work harder and smarter. It’s not what you earn naman, it’s what you save and how you make that money work for you.”

Every Filipina has what it takes to become a Shero. But the sad truth is, not all of them are ready and equipped to take the next step – and it all stems from lack of financial literacy.

Lack of financial literacy is holding Filipinas back

According to an S&P Global FinLit Survey , there are low levels of financial literacy around the globe, with only 30% of women being financially literate. This could potentially bring women, who are mostly the key financial holders in their own homes, more challenges like unexpected debts or lack of funds.

Now that we’re also facing the socioeconomic impact of an ongoing health crisis, it’s more crucial for women to be financially prepared and be smarter about their money.

For Shero and renowned actress Iza Calzado, awareness is the key in managing your hard-earned money like a pro. She emphasizes, “We really have to be aware of where we spend our money. Live within your means.”

Julianne Benitez, an InLife Financial Advisor, echoes her sentiments as well, and shares how Sheroes can be prepared and still enjoy at the same time: Sa akin naman, enjoy within your means. Figure out a system that works for you but don’t deprive yourself. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor while of course, still being financially prepared.”

It’s time to empower Filipinas to become Sheroes

Let’s learn from our financial mistakes together. InLife Sheroes is a movement that champions the financial empowerment of Filipino women – you only need to say #InAko to take the next step towards becoming a Shero! (And they even have the perfect song to lift up aspiring Sheroes like you. Check it out below!)

All you need to do is sign up, and an InLife Financial Advisor will reach out to guide you in your journey towards financial empowerment. Say #InAko and be a Shero today!

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