Arwa’s ‘Scoopery’ is Your Dream Ice Cream Station for Every Occasion

Words by Rianna Bernabe
Photos by Trisha Diaz de Rivera

A balanced diet is ice cream on both hands, and who else can provide you with just that other than Arwa’s Handcrafted Ice Cream? For the dedicated frozen dessert lover that you are, nobody should tell you that it’s the wrong time for ice cream.

Arwa’s is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Ron and Iggy De Guzman, and is named after their only child and daughter. It was inspired after Ron decided to turn Iggy’s homemade ice cream into a business, and catered their first ‘Scoopery’ at a nephew’s birthday party. Guests loved their ice cream (there’s really no question why), and through word of mouth and recommendations online, they began booking more and more clients.

arwas 3

Arwa’s Handcrafted Ice Cream reinvents dessert catering and debunks the idea of ice cream carts being appropriate for children’s parties only. By launching their very own ‘scoopery’—through Iggy’s passion for styling and making ice cream, together with Ron’s experience in planning and project management—Arwa’s is able to reconstruct their set-up into one that fits all kinds of occasions!

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Whether it may be a simple office gathering or a grand wedding, Arwa’s Ice Cream will make sure their ‘scoopery’ blends in perfectly with your event’s theme. Simply give them a theme, and brace yourself as Arwa’s goes full out with their styling and props.

Here are some of the set-ups they’ve done before:

Apart from the set-up being completely customizable, so is the ice cream too! You can choose the flavors you want from a variety of their homemade specialties. We were lucky enough to try their decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, dreamy Cotton Candy, and a very rich take on the Filipino classic, Ube.

arwas 4

And what’s ice cream compared to an ice cream buffet with unlimited toppings?! Arwa’s doesn’t play around when it comes to giving you the ice cream station of your dreams, so you can also add toppings of your choice!

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Say goodbye to plain ol’ boxed chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry from the grocery. Now you can get an ice cream station that completely resonates with your personality. From how it looks to how it tastes, Arwa’s is not afraid to adjust to YOU!

So whether you’re turning 13 or 30, don’t hesitate to live your personalized gelato dreams! Keep it cool and spread the love as thick as ice cream.

Arwa’s Handcrafted Ice Cream

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