Artisan & Co. – Pretty Personalized Name Necklaces (They Have Them in Assumption Script, Too!)

Have you ever wanted to start a business? So has Kysza Bona, an Entrepreneurship graduate who has had a heart for doing business since she was in high school. “I have always wanted to have my own brand and statement,” she shares. With Assumption being Kysza’s alma mater, she has long dreamed to have her own necklace with her name on it written in Assumption script, the school’s own handwriting.

Assumption Script

“I remember we used to have our Penmanship class just to practice writing in this certain way,” Kysza reminisces. With that idea, Kysza woke up one day and realized that if she wanted it that bad, other people would probabnly love to wear their personalized necklace, too. That’s when she came up with the tagline “Wear it your way” and launched Artisan & Co.


It wasn’t all an uphill journey, though. Starting this business, Kysza was actually really hesitant because she was afraid people would not patronize it. This led to several delays until her sister really pushed her to try it out and see if anyone would be interested.

And with that, Kysza has decided to go out of her comfort zone by balancing her corporate career and her entrepreneurial passion for business.

At Artisan & Co., she sells personalized necklaces at very affordable prices. And you don’t have to opt for Assumption script if you’re not from Assumption, either. Instead, you can send in your designs and Kysza can get them made just the way you want it. You can even get them done in your own handwriting, font, or signature.


That aside, you can get your necklace in either gold or silver, and you can even get the chain customized for kids. How cool is that?

Artisan & Co.


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