Art x Wine: The Fine Life!

It’s the fine life indeed with art and wine, so why not take both?

Art x Wine 3

Featuring two of the country’s top artists Charlie Co and Cezar Arro, Art x Wine, an Art Exhibition and Wine appreciation event was held at the Kirov Model unit in the Proscenium Showroom in Rockwell Center, featuring the two artists’ works with select wines by Golden Wines, Inc.

Art x Wine 4

Paired with the deserving celebration of Filipino art were some of the finest wines from Golden Wines Inc., the Australian Portrait Cabernet Sauvignon Wine by Peter Lehmann, and the Spanish Enate wines. Peter Lehmann’s Art ‘n’ Soul Chardonnay 2011 was also served, a fitting companion to the art event.

Art x Wine 6

The Enate wines were fruity, rich and full-bodied, while the Chardonnay was light with a dry finish. We also enjoyed the art, which went well with the sophisticated interiors of the Proscenium.

Charlie Co’s and Cezar Arro’s art were vibrant and inspired by modern art and pop culture references.

Art x Wine 4

The Art x Wine was opened to the public on August 7 at the Kirov Model Unit beside the Rockwell Tent, Rockwell Center and ran until August 13.

Art x Wine