Art Student Accuses Clothing Brand of Plagiarism in Window Display

Student Accuses Bench of Plagiarism


Posting your work online can be a dangerous thing, as it makes it easy for other people to use it and claim it as their own.

That was what happened with UP Fine Arts student Glendford Lumbao, whose artwork for a Visual Design class was used by a clothing brand for its latest campaign. The artwork, called ABaKalsaDa Letters of the Street, was seen in the window display in a branch in Glorietta.

The artwork shows people forming the letters of the alphabet while wearing Filipino clothes and holding props. Lumbao first posted it last year on Facebook and Behance, the online platform for artists.

He posted the photo of the window display and said he felt violated and disrespected for his stolen work.

According to Coconuts Manila, Rachelle Posadas, a legal supervisor from the brand, reached out to Lumbao to apologize and privately settle. However, Lumbao did not appear at a scheduled meeting because his professor advised him not to meet until he has legal representation.

Bench also revealed that an in-house artist submitted the artwork and claimed it as their own. It came as a surprise to management because they expect their visual and merchandising team to submit original work and attend seminars and lectures to improve their craft. The employee who passed Lumbao’s work as his own admitted to the deed and tendered his resignation.

The brand’s publicist added, “That’s why we addressed it immediately. We are willing to compensate and settle the matter fairly.”


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