Art in Island Promotes the Preservation of Earth this September Through a Series of Art Events!

This year, Art In Island aims to increase awareness and to promote the need to preserve, protect and restore the Earth through art. With the theme #ECOChallenge, Art In Island conducts series of events, museum promos and art competitions to spread the word that the Earth needs our help and that we can help in our own little ways!

Art in Island

To start with these events, Art In Island presents ‘Palit Bote’ #EcobrickChallenge last May 3, 2019. This challenge encourages everyone to turn their non-biodegradable wastes into ecobricks where they can exchange them for free admission to Art In Island Museum. These ecobricks are plastic bottles which have been properly packed and stuffed tight with non-biodegradable wastes such as plastic straws, plastic bags, sachets and other plastic packaging. And for corresponding number of ecobricks, you can avail free museum admission. Donated ecobricks will be turned over to organizations and communities that can benefit from using ecobricks in their builds. Also, Art In Island makes ecobricking accessible to everyone by being one of the official drop-off points in Quezon City.

Art In Island Museum aims to be an eco-friendly establishment in support to the plastic-free and zero-waste movement. Through Ecobrick Seminar Workshops everyone can join and learn proper waste management, and along with Eco Market, you can find local eco-friendly products that will lead you to a zero-waste lifestyle.

This September 2019, Art In Island trademark events and annual art competitions, the ‘On-the-Spot Painting Competition’ and the ‘Mural Competition’ are open to all Filipino artists that will show their answers to the major environmental issues through their paintings.

Together with the Mural Competition, Art In Island introduces Mural Fest, a week-long celebration of art where everyone is invited to paint murals. Mural Fest is open to everyone and can make #ECOChallenge murals together with the artists in order to make the first-ever mural village in the Philippines!

Let us make the world a better and a happier place to live in and we can do this in our own small ways as long as we do it together!

About Art In Island

Art In Island, one of the biggest 3D art museums in Asia, is an interactive museum where we invite everyone to “BE PART OF ART.” With over a hundred 3D paintings painted in the walls and floor, you can freely touch, be creative with your poses and take pictures as much as you want. The paintings become real like you are actually in them. To learn more on #ECOChallenge promos and events, visit or call us at 421-1356.

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