Around The World in Small Plates: A Benefit Dinner by Lifestyle Network

When In Manila, check out the varied international cuisine options around the capital, just like I did at Lifestyle Network’s Around The World In Small Plates benefit dinner for the I Can Serve Foundation Inc. for breast cancer awareness last November 9, 2012 at the Rockwell Tent, Makati.


around the world in small plates by lifestyle network for i can serve foundation 



Table setting at Around The World In Small Plates

 [Rustic and pretty table setting with (Italian) Modernist Caprese Salad by Chef Carlo Miguel] 




 The venue was filled with empty stomachs and hungry eyes that would not stay that way for long, with 21 booths whose chefs & kitchen artisans were ready to serve guests creations to test their gustations. The night’s plates included:

1. Chef Allen Buhay’s Onion Tarte Flambee & Mini Chocolate Pots de Creme (American Bistro)
2. Chef Carlo Miguel’s Modernist Caprese Salad (Italian)
3. Chef Kristine Marie Sumera’s Kouign Amman (Brittany, France)
4. Chef Christopher Chai’s Chilled Shredded Assorted Mushroom & Crab Meat (Chinese)
5. Chef Claude Tayag’s Adobong Pugo (Regional Filipino)
6. Chef Cyrille Soenen’s Braised Veal Sweet Bread w/ Pan Fried Rougie Duck Liver & Mushroom Risotto, Parsley Cream Foam (French Traditional)
7. Dedet de la Fuente of Pepita’s Kitchen’s Lang Rice, Truffle Rice, Spanish Chorizo w/ Aligue Rice (Filipino, French, Spanish)
8. Chef Ed Quimson’s Paella Tinola (Spanish Fusion)
9. Chef Gene & Chef Gino Gonzalez’ Bulcachong (Davao)
10. Ginny de Guzman’s Gustare Mini French Apple Pie w/ Whipped Cream
11. Chef Him Uy de Baron’s Kitayama Wagyu Beef Curry on Ramen Noodles (Japanese)
12. Chef J Gamboa’s Crispy Pork Belly w/ Tamarind Sauce, Steamed Jasmine Rice & Papaya Salad (Thai)
13. Chef JJ Yulo & Chef Namee Jorolan’s Hummus Gangnam Style (Korean)
14. Chef Marc Chalopin’s Shrimp Burgers (Mediterranean)
15. Chef Romy Dorotan’s Noritaco w/ Green Mango, Pomelo & Watercress Salad (Modern Filipino)
16. Chef Sabrina Artadi’s Moroccan Eggs w/ Honey, Olive & Goat Cheese Siding w/ Basil Bruschetta (Moroccan)
17. Chef Sharwin Tee’s Bloody Caesar Granitas (Canadian)
18. Chef Stephanie Zubiri’s Potato Zucchini Pancake w/ Torched Smoked Salmon in Lemongrass Champagne Cream Sauce (Kiwi)
…and three other stations not stated in the event menu offering wine, beer, and ice cream from Fog City.



As someone who is no longer in the practice of eating meat even when delectable-looking portions are presented, I’m sharing the veg-friendly dishes my eyes and taste buds remember from the event.



Papaya Salad by Chef J Gamboa

 [(Thai) Papaya Salad (without the Crispy Pork Belly w/ Tamarind Sauce for the pesecatrian) by Chef J Gamboa]




Chef J Gamboa’s Papaya Salad tasted pretty much like my favorite food option in Thailand and Laos. It was a fresh, light, flavorful dish, that stayed true to the no-fail formulation used in the streets of Thailand, sans the excessive heat from chilis.



Noritaco by Chef Romy Dorotan

 [(Modern Filipino) Noritaco w/ Green Mango, Pomelo & Watercress Salad by Chef Romy Dorotan]  




Chef Romy Dorotan’s Noritaco combined two things I love: green mango and fried nori! Mixed with a light asian-style dressing, it was impossible for me not to like this.


Onion Tarte Flambee by Chef Allan Buhay

 [(American Bistro) Onion Tarte Flambee by Chef Allan Buhay] 




Vegetarians can still enjoy a lot of delicious food, like this sweet (just from the onions) and cheesy Onion Tarte Flambe, which to the layman is a fancy-sounding, awesome-tasting thin crust pizza. Cheese is why I would never dream of going vegan.

So when in Manila, check out the restos of some of these featured chefs. And again, with all the good food going around, it’s easy to forget that the event was for the benefit of anyone other than eager food enthusiasts, but for Lifestyle Network’s Around The World in Small Plates, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to I Can Serve Foundation, which promotes early breast cancer detection through high impact information campaigns and community based screening programs.

Around The World in Small Plates: A Benefit Dinner by Lifestyle Network


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