Aro at Irog Kape Brew Shares the Love of Local Filipino Coffee

Geyan Laroza is a part-time faculty member in one of the top universities in Metro Manila whose vision is not restricted in the four corners of the classroom. Before Manila was placed in lockdown, her family decided to stay in her dad’s hometown in Batangas. Since the pandemic limited her hunt for adventure, she knew she had to keep the creativity flowing in order to keep her sanity or insanity.

With nothing else to pass time other than scrolling through Facebook posts, Geyan chanced upon someone looking for coffee sellers. That was her eureka moment to start her own coffee business: Aro at Irog Kape Brew. After all, when in Batangas, Geyan shares that you’ll often hear people say “sinsay muna at magkape” (stay a while and have coffee).

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Photo from Aro at Irog Kape Brew

Fortunately, finding a trusted supplier of kapeng barako and tablea raw chocolates was easier in Batangas. The brand is named after Geyan’s parents; the words Arô and Irog are their words of endearment for each other. It symbolizes love, caring, and commitment to their forever – and the brand is about sharing their love of coffee with others.

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Photo from Aro at Irog Kape Brew

Geyan shares that kapeng barako is a staple drink and a welcome brew in their home, which is why she made sure to offer coffee locally grown by their fellow Batangueños. If you aren’t a fan of coffee, they also have local cocoa or tablea to satisfy your cravings.

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Photo from Aro at Irog Kape Brew

According to Geyan, Arô and Irog Kape Brew is made for those who have high standards and a distinct taste when it comes to coffee, but who do not want to burn a hole in their wallets. “It is not about earning a huge profit,” Geyan explains, “but sharing the love of local coffee to our fellow Filipinos.” Try their delicious products today!

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