ARIVA Academy: Transform from Worn-down Secretary of Today to the Modern Secretary 2.0 of Tomorrow


We live in the age of transformative change, where technological breakthroughs have dramatically altered every aspect of our daily lives at breakneck speed. Most people feel pressed for time, beating themselves up to get ahead in life.

How do we keep up in this fleeting world of innovation? Are you geared up and ready to elevate your performance in the new age of information? Will you fully embrace the exciting possibilities that go with this change?

ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc. proudly presents The 10th Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Summit (SAPS) themed “The Essentials of Management Skills in the Age of Disruption.” Discover the disposition of a triumphant secretary and administrative professional, and reinvent yourself to thrive in a disruptive-innovation fueled environment.

At SAPS2018, distinguished speakers from across the country will converge to share their insights and experiences that transform lives and advocate the value of embracing a high-tech and high-touch mindset.

Expect to be re-energized, more resilient, motivated to act at speed momentum and better equipped in managing roles and responsibilities with higher confidence!

Be inspired and be empowered to achieve the best of your career.

We guarantee a dynamic learning experience that spells out “HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT.”

The event will be conducted in the most enlightening and entertaining learning environment you can imagine. Catch the summit at Marco Polo Ortigas on May 29 – 30, 2018.

For someone who spends all day devoting so much energy to serving others at work, isn’t it time to take a couple of days off to build yourself?