Ariana Grande commented on Millie Bobby Brown’s romantic IG photo and it’s hilarious!

Young love! Seems like our favorite telekinetic TV queen’s been bitten by the love bug! She’s shared tons of moments with her boyfriend Jacob Sartorius but this one takes the cake. It’s a photo of them sharing a cute kiss under the moon and with the ocean as their backdrop. Adorable.

So adorable that people are flocking to double-tap and leave their thoughts and well-wishes for the very cute couple. It’s even attracted some celebrities! One of them being the ponytail goddess Ariana Grande who left what was probably the funniest comment.

Ariana Grande comment

I’m still giggling about this. Not just the whole celebrities interacting with celebrities deal but how funny it sounds. You go, Ariana. You go, Millie. We all love you both.

Did you think Ariana’s comment was cute? Funny? Let us know what you think!