Argonauta and Mandala Spa, Boracay- Perfect for Peace Seekers

When in Manila,  you can never be short of exciting things to do.  However, you might also get a bit exhausted with the fast paced life in this city that’s overflowing with so much life.  While some people fight off tiredness with hard partying, there is a different breed that flock to other places to find relaxation away from the crowd.

This certain group of people go to Boracay, which offers a lot more than being a party place.  There are some places there that are perfect for vacationers who want peace and total relaxation away from the noisy bar-hopping throng of people we usually know Boracay tourists as.

While some, or most, Boracay tourists go there in order to enjoy the company of friends, lessen strangers in their world, marvel at the frenzy of the party spirit the sandy beaches provide, this group of people want to get away from it all, enjoy the stillness that Boracay can provide (something that some find surprising), along with the majesty of the sea, sun and sand. and be with nobody else but themselves or a few, select people close to them.

 For those who want to hit pause in their frenetic lives and connect with themselves, here are two places you can try out in Boracay and feel totally relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.  Spending time here will definitely connect you with nature, and with yourself.  There are probably a lot of us who feel rather disconnected with our true selves, as the society and culture have encouraged us to be disconnected from our natural selves in order to “make it” in this competitive world, consequently leaving us inexplicably unhappy.

The fist place I’d recommend for people who don’t want to get caught up in the middle of all the partying, boozing, and general chaotic island fun would be Argonauta.   Named after a conch shell, this very homey boutique hotel has a rest house feel and give you a spectacular view of the Boracay beach especially during the sunset.  A view which I can guarantee you can not get anywhere else in the island.  Nestled on a hill away from the busy stretch of bars and restaurants along the coastline, this place provides a perfect place for honeymooners, tired businessmen, and all peace-seekers.  With very cozy rooms and comfortable set-up, it simply is a home away from home.




 The owner, Ms. Stefanie Dornau, gave me a short tour of the rooms and showed me some of the villas as well.  I took note of the considerations Ms. Stefanie did, painstakingly monitoring the tide schedule as well as the sunrise and the sunset, so that her guests will be able to marvel at the majestic beauty the island has to offer.