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Sensing Malbec: mouthfeel and astringency

 Malbecs tend to have an inky dark color and robust tannins. However, Argentina’s varied climatic conditions dictate the result in tacit variations in mouthfeel and astringency. Grapes grown in the North of Argentina are found to have good aging potential, full bodied and emanates spices and dark berries, as opposed to districts in the South that creates complex, fruity Malbecs with floral notes complemented with mineral texture. Then, there’s the High Altitude Mendoza Malbec of the Central region which has attracted numerous notable wine-makers.

In that spirit, it was time to pour Paisaje de Barrancas into each wineglass after an open Misterio Malbec was emptied. Although, the evening was romanticized with the abundance of wine, evident in the sound of clinking and tinkling glasses everywhere, our group had the chance to taste two of Malbecs’ pride like a pro…




Paisaje de Barrancas – Displays a stunning deep ruby red with violet tints. Flavor extracted from hand-picked grapes mingling with the aroma of red fruits from the forest, spices and chocolate. Aged in American (50%) and French (50%) oak barrels for 12 months further 6 in bottle. With a double-dash of Cabernet Sauvignon (10%), with the Syrah and Malbec leading the way. The palate showcases concentrated flavour, fruits and herbs combined with oak. Refined tannins with an elegant, round and long finish makes it a perfect pair for slow cooked lamb stew.


Misterio Malbec – Focusing on fruit and softness, easy but sophisticated, this food-friendly wine is aged in oak for four months and a further three months in bottle. 100% Malbec it is from Mendoza region, has a moderate amount of soft tannin that cuts through any residual sugar that might be present. A touch of chocolate and that of cherry and red plum fruitiness on the palate, this deep red in colour wine has an elegant finish that should round out servings of Risotto, sweetbread or meats with sauces.


Paisaje de Barrancas (left) and Misterio Malbec (right)

Paisaje de Barrancas (left) and Misterio Malbec (right)


There was  no attempt of trying to place oneself with the “Sophisticated” but, how lovely it would be to plummet once in a while into wine-tasting and take the opportunity to learn to appreciate that wine-tasting is not JUST LIKE an art. It IS an art. As Miss Mimi Reyes phrased it, “Wine is like travel. You cannot talk about a place with vividness unless you’ve been there yourself.” . And, the three basic steps on how to really taste wine are:

1. Look – After wine was poured into a clear glass, tilting the glass slightly and checking on the colour of the edge of the wine should indicate either youth or maturity. Purple tint suggests youth while, brick or brown-ish should signify a wine’s  maturity.

2. Smell – The nose. Swirling the wine will release molecules. Take a whiff. A novice may find it difficult at first to distinguish between similarities and differences. Hence, it may help if you take down notes of your impressions.

3. Taste – Mouthfeel, is when wine tasters  take a moment to value the flavour and balance. The midpalate density or the lack of it. And, the finish is the aftertaste.


On this note, I believe it’s not too late to develop a sophisticated wine palate, not to merely impress, but be able to get the most out of every wine-tasting experience where, it makes me proud to say that World Malbec Day made me try the real thing.

Thus, on behalf of When In Manila, let’s raise a toast! To Sarmiento, Pouget, Malbec and Argentina!


WhenInManila meet and greet with Argentina Ambassador to the Philippines, Joaquin Daniel Otero.

WhenInManila meet and greet with Argentina Ambassador to the Philippines, Joaquin Daniel Otero.


To Sarmiento, Pouget, Malbec and Argentina!!!

To Sarmiento, Pouget, Malbec and Argentina!!!


Here’s the complete list of Wine Importers and the corresponding wine brands they featured at World Malbec Day…


Doña Paula (Forth and Tay)

Los Cardos Cabernet Sauvignon

Los Cardos Syrah

Los Cardos Merlot

Los Cardos Chardonnay

Los Cardos Malbec


Bodegas Santa Ana (Titania Wine Cellar)

La Mascota Malbec
La Mascota Chardonnay
Bodegas Santa Ana Malbec
Caracter Malbec-Merlot


Espiritu de Argentina (Metro Wine Center)

Espiritu de Argentina Malbec


Rincon del Sol (Artisan Cellars)

Rincon Del Sol Malbec 2012

Rincon Del Sol Reserve Malbec 2011

Moebius Malbec 2010


Condor Peak (Artisan Cellars)

Condor Peak Malbec 2012

Andean Reserve Malbec 2010


Michel Torino Estate (Artisan Cellars)

Coleccion Michel Torino Malbec 2012

Cuma Organic Malbec 2012

Don David Malbec 2011

Don David Premium Malbec 2011


Trivento (Trillo Wines Corp.)

Trivento Golden Reserve
Trivento Reserve Malbec
Tribu Malbec
Dulce Malbec
Trivento Reserve Torrontes
Dulce Natural


Melodía Wines (R Wines and Co.)

Melodía Malbec 2007

Melodía Malbec Rosé Dulce

Melodía Malbec Rosé Brut

Via Libre Malbec 2008


Altos las Hormigas (Wine Depot)

Altos las Hormigas Malbec

Altos las Hormigas Vineyard Selection Reserva

Colonia las Liebres Bonarda


Finca Flichman (Werdenberg Int’l Corp.)
Misterio Malbec Oak Aged 2012          
Gestos Malbec 2012
Expresiones Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
Tupungato (Cab.Sauv.,Malbec & Merlot) 2009
Barrancas (Syrah, Malbec & Merlot), 2009
Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon Oak Aged 2011
Gestos Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011   
Misterio Chardonnay Oak Aged 2011
Misterio Sauvignon Blanc 2012 


Andeluna Cellars (Zen Asia Inc.)

Andeluna Altitud Malbec

Andeluna Altitud Merlot

Andeluna 1300 Malbec

Andeluna 1300 Torrontes


Terrazas (Rams House of Wine)

Terrazas Altos del Plata Malbec

Terrazas Reserva Malbec

Terrazas Reserva Chardonnay


Bodegas Norton (Phil. Wine Merchants)

Norton Barrel Select Malbec

Norton Reserva Malbec

Norton Colección Malbec


Kaiken (Philippine Wine Merchants)

Kaiken Corte Malbec Bonarda Petit Verdot

Kaiken Ultra Malbec

Kaiken Reserva Malbec


Trapiche (Philippine Wine Merchants)

Trapiche Malbec                                            



Altas Cumbres Malbec

Altas Cumbres Torrontes

Finca de los Andes Sauvignon Blanc

Finca de los Andes Malbec


Commemorative Wine celebrating the 65 Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between Argentina and the Philippines



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