Arellano Law Singers Presents: AUSL Idol Season 16—You Can Duet!

The Arellano University School of Law (AUSL) is holding its annual fund-raising event in its 16th year. AUSL Idol is an annual singing contest and fund-raising event happening on the 26th of October 2019, 6:00 PM at the AUSL Quadrangle, following the parade of the bar candidates of AUSL. 


Part of the proceeds of the event shall be used to help fund the efforts of the Institution’s Bar Operations where volunteer students and administrators work hand in hand to ensure the comfort and well-being of over 600 bar hopefuls of AUSL. 

The Arellano Law Singers (ALS) in keeping up with the tradition of organizing this noble undertaking launches the AUSL Idol with the Theme “You can Duet! A faculty-student CoLAWboration,” which introduces a new aspect to the competition: The Faculty of the AUSL. With this initiative, the organization seeks to secure the maximum participation of the entire Arellano Community and gears for high record of proceeds. 

The ALS is the Ambassador of music for the Arellano University School of Law (AUSL) known for singing original renditions of law related passages and doctrines, they serve inside and outside the campus and continually advocates that the learning of laws and songs are achieved in a similar way; through diligence, discipline, patience, and passion. Follow Arellano Law Singers Facebook page for more info, updates and various ways to support AUSL Idol Season 16: This year’s AUSL Idol is in partnership with, Manila Symphony Orchestra, Dhysh Travel and Tours,; sponsored by RG Events, Max’s, Mitsubishi, Exchange Manila, VKC Inc., Alpha Phi Omega, and SunLife Financial.