Are You Ready to Unlock Your Potential? NSInC 21-22 Is Happening This Week!

NSInC is a two-segment interactive and informational webinar event that consists of topics inclusive of Venture Capital, Startups, and Personal Finance. Organized by the Ateneo Management Economics Organization, the event will be held on November 20, 2021 (Saturday) from 9 AM-12NN; 1 PM-4 PM. This aims to encourage students to start and sustain their investing journey through different investment opportunities and help them make sound and substantial investing decisions.

The vision for this year’s NSInC is for it to be an avenue for existing and emerging investors to engage in an interactive and value-adding webinar experience that not only aids in kick-starting their investment journey but also in encouraging them on how to sustain it. This event intends to educate its audience regarding key economic and investment topics deemed valuable and relevant in today’s society.

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Why Pioneer?

NSInC aims to serve as the participants’ stepping stone in unlocking opportunities that will aid in the discovery of their full potential


What to Expect?

Be part of the growing community of student-investors nationwide and learn from our notable speakers! NSInC has invited Mr. Maurice Lee of 917 Ventures and Mr. Steve Brice of Standard Chartered to discuss on topics such as Venture Capital  and Personal Finance. At its core, venture capitalism is the economic system in which private entities, such as venture capital firms or funds, provide capital to innovative enterprises with high growth potential. This topic aims to dive deeper into the venture capital landscape, explore emerging trends, identify what venture capital can provide for aspiring entrepreneurs, and determine ways to make business ventures more attractive to investors. 


Participants can also expect insightful discussions regarding Startups from Mr. Andrew Koger of and Mr. Miguel Gemotra of As startups emerge as key drivers of economic growth and job creation amidst the pandemic, innovative and young firms have grasped new business opportunities and created new markets that create massive value. This topic aims to inform young entrepreneurs about insights focusing on startup opportunities during the pandemic and the importance of financial knowledge to business success


Why should you sign up?

  • Insightful talks from experts in the field of Venture Capital and Startups
  • Learn about the opportunities that the industry can offer
  • Unlock your investing skills alongside like-minded individuals
  • Kickstart your journey towards making responsible and impactful investments


Be part of this year’s National Student-Investor’s Convention in [4] easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill up the form.
  3. Join the NSInC Participants FB Group (found in the form).
  4. Wait for the confirmation via email.


See you there, Pioneers!