Are you ready for “Redfox Lure Party” this weekend? #CatchEmAllAtRedfox

Are you ready for “Redfox Lure Party” this weekend?

REDFOX Pokemon Lure PartyMechanics:
1. Redfox Lure Party is open to all Pokemon Hunters who will visit Redfox Concept Store, SM North Edsa Cyberzone on August 27, 2016 from 1pm-5pm.

2. Screenshot and post on your social media all the Pokemon catch at SM North Edsa Sky Garden at these specific Pokestops:
2.1. Colours Wonderers
2.2. Atari Square
2.3. Triangle Sculpture
2.4. Blooms

3. Tag our official Facebook page Redfox Technologies with the official hashtag #CatchEmAllatRedfox and #LuxuryWithinReach.
4. Once posted get an instant limited edition Redfox Pokeball.
5. This is valid for one player per account only.

Let’s have a ball this weekend and :)

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