Are You Into Photography? Here’s the One Lens You’ll Ever Need!


If you’re into photography, I’m sure that after learning the basics and shooting with your kit lens, you’ve already invested in 1 or more lenses to fit the type of photography that you fancy.

Fact is, lenses are generally expensive with prices that range from P5,000 to over hundreds of thousands of pesos, making some of them even more expensive that camera bodies.

Over the years, like most photography enthusiasts, I’ve invested quite a lot on lenses to satisfy my creative needs. Since I love taking photos of food, I invested in a macro lens in order to take super close-up shots. I also have a 1.4 50mm prime for portraits and an 11-16mm ultra wide lens for landscapes and for shooting wide venues.


Nikon for life! =)

Despite having quite a roster of good lenses, I still feel “bitin” as I often find myself changing lenses in between shoots. Since my lenses are often prime, I couldn’t zoom in or shoot from long distances making my shots limited to only super marco and ultra wide. Also, 2 yrs ago, I even suffered from a wrist strain because of the heavy weight of my camera and lens.

Sometimes, I couldn’t help but ask, “Why can’t there be a lens that would have all the features I need?” Seriously! But of course, I thought, if there would be such a lens, it must be worth a fortune!

It was only recently when a fellow shutterbug friend introduced me to the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 All-in-one lens with macro capability. The most ideal consumer lens in the market today. At first of course, I couldn’t believe it, but later on I finally gave in, after realizing that it did possess everything I needed in a lens…

It can shoot wide landscapes at 16mm   Discovery Shores Boracay Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When in Manila  (63 of 209)

16mm at Discovery Shores Boracay 


It can zoom to a max of 300mm Discovery Shores Boracay  When In Manila Frank Ruaya  Mae Ilagan (64 of 65)

at 300mm 


It has macro capability making it perfect for my food shoots

Discovery Shores Boracay  When In Manila Frank Ruaya  Mae Ilagan (56 of 65)

at Sands Restaurant, Discovery Shores Boracay


It has Vibration Compensation which provides optical image stabilization that reduces camera shake at slow shutter speeds and longer focal lengths

Singapore Zoo Jurong Bird Park Night Safari Singapore When in Manila Mae Ilagan (5 of 6)

sharp and stable even at over 200mm


Light weight at only .5kg

Nikon AW1 Discovery Shores Boracay  When In Manila Frank Ruaya  Mae Ilagan (31 of 146)

Ok, so this means that now I have one powerful lens that’s equivalent to having a telephoto, wide and macro! WOW!

I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I’m super impressed that I just had to share it to the world! Allow me to show you my most recent shots using the Tamron 16-300mm!

I really miss shooting with a telephoto lens. Now with my Tamron 16-300mm, I’m able to take photos from a distance without being noticed (paparazzi lang ang peg). Aside from food, I also love taking photos of animals and now, I can easily take shots of animals without disturbing them! Take a look….


Discovery Shores Boracay Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When in Manila  (112 of 209)

Huli ka birdie! hihihihi


Singapore Zoo Mae Ilagan (14 of 29)

I was able to take a photo of this white tiger without being attacked! phew!

Singapore Zoo Mae Ilagan (22 of 29)I bet this bat hardly noticed me! And even at 300mm, my shots remained sharp with minimal shake. I love it!


Singapore Zoo Mae Ilagan (28 of 29)

spotted cute panda


Singapore Zoo Mae Ilagan (12 of 29)

this Capuchin monkey was also super clueless I was there


Singapore Zoo Mae Ilagan (4 of 29)

I was a few meters away, waiting for a good angle then all of a sudden this cute baby orangutan gave me a glance! Awww so cute!


Singapore Zoo Mae Ilagan (25 of 29)

With my Tamron 16-300mm, I’ll never get to miss anymore moments! Hoooray!


The Cons: Every product of course has its pros and cons and for this, the only downside is that, it isn’t ideal during low light scenarios since the biggest aperture opening is only F 3.5 unlike the ones with f/2.8 which most pros use.  So if you plan to use this at night, be sure to have an external flash and/or tripod. Anyways, I still think this is a great all around lens to have for all types of shoots.


So now, the big question is…. HOW MUCH IS IT?

Before I reveal to you the price, let me tell you how much I invested in the past…


Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8f lens: P30,000

Sigma 50mm macro f/2.8 P15,500

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4: P13,000

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8: P5,300

TOTAL: P63,800


As you can see, I’ve already invested over P60k which still doesn’t include a telephoto lens (which costs at least 20K ++) but with the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 All-in-one lens with macro capability,  you only have to invest P29,750! Only half the price of the sum of over 4 lenses! Worth it pag-ipunan! I’m super happy with it and use it all the time! So happy I finally found my dream lens!


So if you’re looking for an all-around consumer lens that can shoot wide, telephoto and macro without breaking the bank, I highly recommend you get the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 All-in-one lens with macro capability – The one lens to rule them all!

Here’s where you can purchase:

  • All CameraHaus Branches Nationwide
  • All Henry’s Professional Branches Nationwide
  • M20 Enterprises (Hidalgo, Quiapo)
  • Mayers Photo (Hidalgo, Quiapo)
  • Orbit Photographic (Hidalgo, Quiapo)
  • Selected Photoline branches Nationwide
  • ShutterMaster Pro (Quezon City)
  • Selected PerfectShot branches
  • Selected iClick branches nationwide



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ALL photos Taken using NIKON D7000 with Tamron 16-300mm and Nikon J1 AW1

Special Thanks to Nikon Philippines


Are You Into Photography? Here’s the One Lens You’ll Ever Need!