Are Joyce Pring and Sam YG Getting Married? The Two Speak Up

It was an ordinary Sunday today, until Magic 89.9 DJ Tony Toni announced something on Instagram.


He posted a photo of his co-DJs Sam Gogna (popularly known as Sam YG) and Joyce Pring, with the mysterious caption, “In 2016 The Philippines has a new President & a VP! But most importantly I’d like to congratulate@_samyg and @joycepring for finally making their relationship official on Facebook!! It ain’t official till you announce it on FB!! You both deserve each other. Don’t forget to put ????on the left hand !!! ???????????????? Never would I have dreamt that you’d propose this quickly but as they say when you know, you just know!! Yes I will host your wedding !!! #engagement #triptoforever #bestfriends#neverholdback #sampring #ChangeIsComingMotherfuckers

Could it be true? Are Gogna and Pring engaged? Both DJs responded by also posting photos on Instagram.


Uy. Ano daw chismis? #sampring #joythtotheworld #palawow #palawan #sampringxcabpac #cebtravels

A photo posted by Joyce Pring (@joycepring) on


Do you think it’s true? Are Sam and Joyce getting married? Share your thoughts below!