Are Golf Carts “Street Legal” on Manila Roads?

With Manila traffic tight at almost any time of the day, we can’t help but think what really is causing this problem?

Aside from the volume of vehicles, the quality of automotive driven on Metro Manila roads can also be a reason why there is traffic jam almost all the time. Have you experienced getting stuck in a traffic for hours just to find out that blocking the road is a truck or jeepney that has broken down? Additionally, the low quality of automotive driven make roads unsafe.

For one, a reader of our website sent us photos showing a golf cart being driven in Manila.

Here are the photos sent to us:

Gold Cart EDSA (2) Gold Cart EDSA (3) Gold Cart EDSA (4) Gold Cart EDSA (1)

So we wonder, are golf carts street legal to be driven on Manila roads? Can golf carts be registered as road-worthy with the Land Transportation Office (LTO)?