Appreciating Manila: More Photos of Old Manila in COLOR

We’ve posted a few articles in the recent month showing photos of Manila way back then, when it was less populated and somewhat cleaner. There were less buildings and more trees, a sight most of us wish we could still see today.

These photos were posted by Columna Oli a few years ago, but we thought to re-share them anyway just to remind everyone of the beauty that is Manila. Who knows, maybe someday we could restore it to its natural beauty.

Disclaimer: These photos are NOT property, we are merely re-sharing it to spread the positive vibes. If you are the owner of any of these photos, please message us so we may properly credit you.

Old Manila in Color  - 17Araneta Coliseum

Old Manila in Color - 01Roxas Boulevard

Old Manila in Color  - 02According to Columna, this photo of Manila Bay was taken from CCP Complex in 1970s


Old Manila In Color - 03Luneta


Old Manila in Color  - 03

Intramuros was and still is very famous tourist spot


Old Manila in Color  - 04Look at how beautiful Pasig River was then


Old Manila in Color  - 05


Jones Bridge to Escolta


Old Manila in Color  - 06According to the sharer, Columna, this photo is of Escolta from Jones Bridge, at the end of the road is the Sta Cruz Church


Old Manila in Color  - 07


Escolta Manila in the ’60s


Old Manila in Color  - 08Avenida way back then! (it looks SOOO different!)

Old Manila in Color  - 09Coming from Taft Avenue after the Manila City hall approaching Lawton; bldg at the rightside is the Metropolitan Theater Manila (wala pa yung 3 fly overs..) – Columna Oli

Old Manila in Color  - 10

Old Congress Building and Manila City Hall


Old Manila in Color  - 12


Old Manila in Color  - 13

Quiapo Church. Look how clean the streets were then

  Old Manila in Color  - 15

Ayala Avenue


What I love most about all these pictures is that there was just so much green!! I hope someday Manila would return to its former beauty.

What do you guys think of these photos? Think Manila could still be restored to something similar or better?  Share your thoughts below.