LOOK: These Are Some of the Applications We Received for the “Adult Movies Job”

Last week, we shared a job ad from Bedbible, a company that is currently hiring people to watch adult videos for around Php1,000 an hour. It seems some things got lost in translation, though, and we received more than 300 emails and inquiries from people interested in taking on the job. Some of them went into great detail as to why we should hire them, and here are some of our favorite applications:

Adult Movies Application 1

We love the details in this one! Definitely would have considered him if we were actually the ones hiring.

Adult Movies Application 2

Plus points because his background aligns with the company’s needs.

Adult Movies Application 3

We love that the money would have gone to his parents’ future home.

Adult Movies Application 4

Not sure how the first line is relevant to the job description but we were definitely tempted to check if it’s true.

Thanks for applying, guys! You made our day!

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