Apparently, Nooda Crunch Still Exists and Is Available Online

We do not want you to be the last person to know that Nooda Crunch still exists! So, in case nobody told you yet, you can even buy them now on Shopee. OMG, right?

I thought only 90s kids can relate but now we can share them with the younger generation! Who could ever forget? It is the only way we could eat noodles right away without the hassle of waiting or cooking (not that I could cook as a kid anyway)!

Screen Shot 2021 08 02 at 2.35.57 AM

The noodle snack was one of my favorites back then because it was really fun to eat. I enjoyed crushing the noodles, shaking them, and just shoving them in my mouth. LOL. Fun times! Before I start reminiscing, I just want to say that I cannot wait to be able to eat them again! It will taste like carefree childhood for sure. 😛 You can order yours now too!

Click here to buy Nooda Crunch on Shopee now!

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