Apollo’s Shoe Gallery: Stylish Ladies’ Slip-ons Made in Marikina

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My first memory of Marikina was when I was in Grade 1. My classmates and I had a field trip to what the tour guide referred to as the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines.” I barely remember anything from that field trip, but that tagline stuck with me. Every time someone says Marikina, I remember quality shoes. I remember craftsmanship passed from one generation to another.

Through the years, I’ve gotten most of my shoes from the mall. With billboards and ads all advertising global brands worn by my favorite Hollywood celebs, the image of Marikina-made shoes slowly faded into the background.

It’s barely been a year since I last got reacquainted with Filipino brands you would rarely spot in malls. It’s been a beautiful journey of discovery and re-discovery, and I’m having such an awesome time sharing the brands’ stories to our readers.

One of the brands I got the pleasure to meet is Apollo’s Shoe Gallery. Apollo’s Shoe Gallery is a Marikina-based company that manufactures quality and stylish footwear. They specialize in ladies’ shoes, particularly sandals and slip-ons. They also accept customized orders from customers.

The one I got is a strappy pair of wedges. The design code for this pair is 7802.

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I documented my experience of wearing it during the weekdays and the weekends. Here are some of my observations.

I like how this pair of wedges goes well with almost any outfit. If you’re going to the beach, this pair works great with shorts and an off the shoulder top.

Rebecca Lee Apollo Marikina-1

If you’re going to school, it works with denim jeans as well.

The wedges’ style is classic. The color looks like a tan or a neutral camel, making it suitable to a variety of styles and colors. The overall look is clean and minimalistic. The tall heels and the straps are a great combo.

While I always attend events in heels, I go to school everyday in flats and boat shoes.  They’re usually more comfortable and easy to drive in. But since I wanted to be the guinea pig and test just how comfortable Apollo is, I wore it to school.

Rebecca Lee Apollo Marikina-6

Despite the heels being unusually high for me, I found this pair of wedges comfortable—comfortable enough to walk from one class to another. And my classes are REALLY far from each other!

The only times when I switched my Apollo wedges for a I keep a pair of boat shoes in my car reserved for driving. (I never got used and never will get used to driving in heels.) Other than that, I was perfectly comfortable and happy wearing my wedges. For me, it didn’t look too formal for school as well.

I’m happy that I got to meet Apollo. With style and comfort at an affordable price, I’ll be checking out more of their products.

Rebecca Lee Apollo Marikina-4

I know many others who enjoy the convenience of going to the mall and buying items from international brands. But the Internet provides an avenue for us consumers to look at sellers who offer beautiful products that are made in the Philippines.

Do you have any more local brands you want us to feature? Let us know in the comments below!

Apollo’s Shoe Gallery

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Apolloshoegallery/

Instagram: @apollosshoegallery

Address: 74 Munding Ave, Marikina, 1801 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact Number: +63 917 537 8681


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Photos by Cesar Cortez (0908-477-0249)