#APEC2015: “Was The APEC Year A Win For The Philippines? You Bet It Was”

The recently concluded APEC summit has garnered much criticism because of the inconvenience that it has brought to the public during the week long event & preparations. Not everyone believes it to be a failure, however. Facebook user Jaime Garchitorena speaks out: apec a win

The whole text reads:


I see that some writers and editors feel somewhat obliged to find something negative to write about it.

To start, the 2B dollar loan (about 90Billion Pesos) that Japan signed for the construction of a railway from Tutuban to Malolos makes the 10 billion pesos spent on APEC look like chump change (not to mention the fact that the 10B was spent on the local economy CEBU ILOILO BAGAC BORACAY etc).

And the other economic trade agreements are just part of it.

You got China to come over. You got the US to who support to the Philippines. You got the spotlight shined on MSMEs. You have frameworks of cooperation and mutual protections initiated for ASEAN integration. You got protection of OFWs down as an agenda item in a global document. I’m sure there’s more.

You might argue that all of these deals were hammered out prior to the culminating meet in Manila. Sure enough. But that’s why APEC is a year long affair. APEC is not just an event. Nor is it just a series of events. APEC is a process of dialogue, salesmanship, diplomacy, and confidence building.

Sure you can argue that planning could be better. What project couldn’t have been planned better?

So was the APEC year a win for the Philippines? 

You bet your ass it was.

Congrats to the teams that made it happen.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Do you agree with this sentiment?

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