ANTUKIN: A Multimedia Art Exhibit


A collective of Multimedia Arts students from Asia Pacific College will hold an exhibition entitled “ANTUKIN” on September 4-7, 2015 at the Design Center of the Philippines, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

ANTUKIN is a multimedia art exhibition discussing the different causes and effects of Hypersomnia (refers to either excessive sleepiness during the day or extended, overly long periods of nighttime sleep; it is a kind of sleep disorder). In the light of this, this project will showcase the different arrays of Hypersomnia/ Excessive Sleepiness so as to show awareness of the understated sleeping disorder and for the viewers to understand and be informed of it. The artworks will mainly take light on the causes and effects of the feeling of being excessively sleepy and will also present and represent the experiences of the artists and others’ that may have experienced the likes of having Hypersomnia too; to in some way the audiences will have an experiential involvement with the art itself.

Opening night will be on September 4, 2015, 4pm – 10pm. The exhibition will run until September 7, 2015. Artist talks will be held on September 5, 2015 from 1pm – 5pm, as discourse on the exhibitors, curator’s talk as well as talks with other guests, artist or not. Surprise activities on various art concepts will also come about alongside with selected film screenings on September 6, 2015, from 9am – 5pm. September 7, 2015, the last day, will be for regular viewing.

15GB is a group of fifteen (15) diversely artistic and passionate individuals belonging to previous batches that have gone by, hence the name “15GB” or “15 gone-by” who utilize their respective skills and talents and collaborate well despite their differences in age and experience thus making their foundation more solid. They are composed of Alecx Abueg, Ralph Alcid, Jay Allauigan, Judd Arcia, Arriane Custodio, Michael De Jesus, Elmar Lisbos, Jamela Magpantay, Alvin Moreno, Alden Policar, Angelica Ramirez, Kris Sarreal, Andrew Velasco, Dondee Villanueva and Charles Yu.

What makes this art exhibition more exciting is because it will be a collection of multimedia artworks in the likes of acrylic and digital paintings, photo manipulation, photo collages, graphic designs, video installations, mixed media installations, audio-visual installations, experimental films, and short films as well. Some of which are out of the comfort zones of the artists so they can give more exciting outputs. Not to mention that some of them actually did their exhibit piece while being excessively sleepy. And also, admission is free! Exciting isn’t it? This exhibition will be curated by J. Pacena II.

To know more about 15GB and the ANTUKIN multimedia art exhibition, you may like their facebook page at and follow them in twitter and instagram: @15GB. Feel free to tweet and instagram them and use the hashtag #ANTUKIN #15GB.

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