Another Viral Event Is Upcoming: Anyone Going to ‘Group Study sa SOGO’ Event?!

Following the “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware” event, looks like there’s another upcoming hot event!

Popping up on all corners of Facebook, looks like “Group Study sa SOGO” is the next “in” thing since the alleged “suntukan” event.

Group Study sa SOGO (1)

Netizens have posted polls in the said event page.

Some asked what topics will they study.

Group Study sa SOGO (2)

Others are concerned who will bring notes.

Group Study sa SOGO (3)

While some asked who will be the panelists for their thesis defense.

Group Study sa SOGO (4)

At present, around 4.8K are “going” to the said event while 6.5K has show “interest” on the event.

With a lot of people attending the group study, one asked how much and who will pay for it.

Group Study sa SOGO (5)

And it looks like after the group study, many will still go to Ace Hardware.

Group Study sa SOGO (6)

Possibly, similar to the Ace Hardware event, this is also a product of the creative mind of netizens.

Having a hard time studying alone, do you think attending “group study sa SOGO” event can help? 🙂

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