Another Supermoon Is Coming Before The Year Ends

Missed the last supermoon? Here is your chance to catch another supermoon, the last one before 2016 comes to a close!


According to PAGASA, the supermoon will be visible in the Philippines after 12am Wednesday (December 14) before dawn, provided that cloudy skies don’t prevail.

PAGASA added that the moon will still be hours away from being a full moon at 8:06 a.m. Wednesday (Philippine Standard Time) but will appear that way due to the moon’s unusual nearness to Earth.

PAGASA chief of astronomy Dario de la Cruz said that although the moon will not be at its perigee or nearest at this time, the early Wednesday view can still be considered a supermoon as it is already nearing its state of becoming a full moon.

“For this December, it will be difficult to view the moon at perigee on Tuesday and when it becomes a full moon on Wednesday since both will occur during daytime.”

Will you be catching 2016’s final supermoon? Let us know!

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