Another “Bubble Gum Gang” Victim Surfaces, Shares Experience to Warn Commuters

bubblegum modus

A few days ago, we shared with you a story about a  modus operandi called “The Bubble Gum Gang” that happened in Cebu.

According to that incident, the Bubble Gum Gang strikes by sticking bubblegum to your hair, keeping you distracted by trying to removing the gum, which gives them the opportunity to pick your pockets and take your valuables. That incident happened while the victim was taking a jeepney from Talamban to University of San Carlos – Main.

Another netizen came up to us and told the following story about the Bubble Gum Gang:

This happened in Cebu. I was riding in a jeepney near the exit and I was listening music from my phone. Suddenly, a suspicious looking guy wearing a black shirt arrived and somehow was desperate to sit in front of me. I didn’t mind about it and I continued to listen to my songs. A few seconds later, he started to point at the back of my head and I didn’t bother to mind him. He did a second attempt to point at the back of my head but I ignored him again. Finally, he tried a third attempt and I was suspicious about it because why is he so concerned at pointing at the back of my head. Then a guy wearing a blue shirt near me said there’s a bubblegum at the back of my head and when I touched it there really is a bubblegum. The guy asked me to get a piece of paper from my bag. So I removed my earphones and I placed it inside my bag and got a piece of paper. The guy was pulling off the gum and he asked me to hold my right arm because he knew I placed my bag on my right side. As he was socializing me, I didn’t notice that my bag was open. A few seconds later, the guy said that he will be leaving and he took off. I checked for my phone in my bag but it wasn’t there. I desperately looked for it but it was no where to be found. A guy wearing a brown shirt then asked me that did my phone got stolen? I said yes and I hastily walked out from the jeepney and went after to the guy but he was gone by the time he stepped out from the jeepney.

Info: The guy wearing a black, blue, and brown as I have mentioned were working together. They work as a group but act as an individuals. The guy wearing black is the look out and the one who will point on the back of the head of the victim’s while the guy wearing blue is the one that will socialize and distract the victim. Lastly, the guy wearing brown is the one who will steal from the victim.

Lesson Learned: Never trust strangers.
I hope you will learn from my experience!

Has anyone else experienced this as well?

What are your recommendations to avoid this from happening?

Stay safe!