Anong Talent Mo? Netizens Share Their Funny Talents On Twitter

Let us tell you upfront. These are not the usual humble brags you often see on social media. Come on, it’s Twitter – a place where almost everyone is sad and extremely self-aware to the point that stupid mistakes and silly decisions are welcome and liked for that matter.

So, what’s new these past few days?

Well, people are sharing their “talents” to answer the question, “Anong talent mo?”. Believe us, these tweets are so relatable that you won’t be able to resist pressing the retweet button. Here we go.

Same, besh. Same.

That’s what Sunday nights are for – cramming.

Kids with strict parents, put your hands up!

Group hug!

Third wheel, fifth wheel, seventh wheel? G.

Act normal, mumsh.

How true is this?

Goals, tbh.

Plus points for this, please!

KDrama is life.

If only sleeping can pay the bills..

Ask us how!

Ang sakit sakit na, Bash.

Sooo, which one can you relate to the most?

Ikaw? Anong talent mo? Share yours in the comments!


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