ANNIPIE’s Cinnamon Rolls are a Must-Buy Pasalubong in Davao

Almost everyone coming from Davao would either bring their staple fruit Durian, fresh and sweet Pomelo, or other souvenir products as their homecoming gift or Pasalubong. While there is NOTHING wrong with that, trying other goodies is definitely worth buying.

For instance, ANNIPIE’s Cinnamon Rolls or other delectable pastries! 

These are ANNIPIE’s delectable cinnamon rolls that you can buy from their stores.

Anniepie Davao

Choco Mocha. The sweetness is well-balanced.

Annipie davao

Meet Annipie’s Pistachio Sansrival. One word: Amazing!

Love at First Bite

My family became health conscious when my mom passed away due to complications of Diabetes. And based on medical studies, cinnamon could help lower sugar level. Since then, we made it a habit of putting a dash of cinnamon powder to our pastries, coffee, and even pasta dishes. Therefore, any cinnamon-based food, we really appreciate.

Three years ago, my sister and her husband visited Manila to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. It was their first trip after 20 years. As luck would have it, she gave us a box of Annipie’s cinnamon rolls as Pasalubong.

Admittedly, it was love at first BITE! (Classic Cappuccino) You can buy it by piece, by 4, 8, or 12.

So, imagine my struggle after finishing my box of cinnamon rolls! Anyhow, ANNIPIE is based in Davao. Hopefully, they would open a branch in Manila, soon!

Love Always Finds a Way

Truly, love will find a way – even if it takes years. Finally, I was able to visit ANNIPIE stores and explore their delightful pastry variants, cookies, and more!

Annipie davao sm lanang

Annipie was established in 2007.

annipie davao

Because of their confectionary masterpiece, they are blessed to open 5 branches. This picture was taken at SM Lanang, which is just 10 minutes away from the airport. Therefore,  you can buy pasalubong for your loved ones before heading to the airport!

ANNIPIE was derived from the names of the owners: Andrea, Nicolas, and Pia. Since “ANNIPIA” didn’t sound enticing, they changed it to ANNIPIE as their brand name. Although, they aren’t selling pies. 🙂

Annipie Davao ecoland

Interestingly, ANNIPIE is more than just a pastry shop, they also sell lip-smacking Filipino cuisines like Crispy Palabok:

Annipie ecoland

Yes, it is surprisingly palatable and even with the sauce in it, the noodles stay crispy. I devoured it in minutes!

Annipie ecoland

ANNIPIE’s Adobo Pasta. It’s creamy and tasty! Loved it!

annipie davao ecland

Of course, a Filipino-owned restaurant wouldn’t be complete without the staple all-time favorite Pinoy dish, Adobo!

They also serve Hickory Pork Belly and more enticing meals at Annipie Ecoland and Malvar branches!

Yup, we came prepared!

Annipie davao

The owners, Erwin and Andrea Anonuevo ate with us during lunch and happily shared their humble business. Thanks for welcoming us!

So, if you are in Davao, drop by at any of their branches (SM Lanang is the most convenient as it is near the airport) and grab some of their goodies to bring back home! Or if you are planning to go to Davao, don’t fret as you can find cheap and affordable tickets at


Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland, Davao City

Instagram: @annipie_dvo


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