Anne Hathaway Wants Movie Sets to Have Zero Waste Policy

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After Anne Hathaway gave birth to her firstborn Jonathan three years ago, she’s had a growing concern for the environment. And after the Princess Diaries actress posted about baby #2 on her Instagram, she had an interview where she urges the film industry to follow in her footsteps to help the planet for the next generation.

The Ocean’s 8 star has apparently been living a more eco-lifestyle as she practices zero-waste in her own home like reusing glass and stainless steel containers or refusing to use plastic packaging.

In an interview with environmentalist and entrepreneur Lauren Singer, the Les Miserables star shared: “I want to talk about how we can rebound the motion-picture industry because it’s one of the worst polluters on the planet. While working on The Hustle, I noticed disposable coffee cups, plastic water bottles, idling trucks, and food waste. When I finished the film, my family and I went zero waste. I’m actually putting together an environmental rider too.

“I think while we’re trying to put pressure on industries to do a better job of not putting toxic products that are terrible for the environment out there in the first place, the best thing we can do is take responsibility where we can. I see these opportunities where I’m just like, okay, you get everyone a zero-waste kit at the beginning of a film. And we hire environmental PAs or something to maintain the kits and use reusable coffee cups for all of us, for example, when they go on runs. Now I say if you can remember your keys and phone in the morning, you can remember a reusable coffee cup and water bottle.”

Hathaway changed herself to have a zero-waste lifestyle after she realized that her actions right now would gravely affect the coming generations which include her second baby.

“It’s about being conscious that the way I choose to live my life is going to have repercussions for somebody else, like our children. I mean, I think the most badass thing I’ve ever done is give birth … I mean I grew up in the ’80s, and filling your house with new stuff was a big thing. But now, as a mom, it’s important to me that products I buy don’t end up as something my son trips over in the future and says, ‘What the eff is that? Why is that here?’,” Hathaway shared.

If you haven’t heard, Anne Hathaway just confirmed that ‘Princess Diaries 3’ is finally happening and who knows, we might hear the news that her upcoming film will be Zero Waste.
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