Anne Curtis’ BLK Cosmetics Offers Long-Lasting Love and Lipstick

Everyone went crazy when Anne Curtis released her cosmetics line. Being the style icon that she is and with her signature pouty lips, we all wanted a piece of her style.

Anne Curtis’ style suits every one of us. It is sometimes simple, chic, stylish, and just overall beautiful. Her cosmetics perfectly fit every Filipina with their versatile shades. Plus, they are long-lasting despite the ever-so-changing weather in the Philippines.


BLK Cosmetics was launched earlier this year and aims to make beauty uncomplicated with quality products and affordable prices.


Keeping true to its promise, BLK released Anne Curtis’ Limited-Edition Bridal Set. The set contains two lipsticks that were launched at the same time of her wedding.


The Special Edition lipsticks come in the shades of ‘I Do’ and ‘Mon Amour’.


What I love most about the products are their beautiful packaging. The branding BLK is on the side of the transparent casing with a gold accent up top with Anne’s signature.


The ‘I Do’ shade is perfect for everyday wear. It is a nude pink that is perfect for morenas. It is perfect for a daytime look or if you want to go for that sweet and carefree look.


The ‘I Do’ Shade is our favorite since we love natural makeup looks.


The second shade is called ‘Mon Amour’. It is a little bit bolder with its red undertones – perfect for a date or a night out.


One layer gets enough product on your lips; but if you want to get more intensity or redness, you can put on two layers. This shade is for special occasions when you really want to make a statement. You can wear this with full makeup or on its own just to give a little bit of color to your face.

After a few tries of the products, we can attest that it’s really long-lasting. There was slight staining on our coffee mugs; but when we checked, our lipstick was still intact and bright.

Though there are many cosmetics brands in the Philippines; BLK is pretty special because of the very expensive quality, look and feel that it gives. Aside from the lipsticks, they also have other products, like blush, contour, foundation, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencils.

The Bridal all-day intense matte lipstick limited edition set shown in this article is priced at Php598, while other BLK Lip products start at Php299. Not bad!

BLK Cosmetics


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