Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Have The Most Adorable Photos in Korea

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff spent a short but sweet vacation in Seoul, South Korea, which is Anne’s dream destination being the K-Drama fan she is. The two even got adorable wrist tattoos each, and of course, did not pass up the chance to take sweet, autumn-inspired photos while in Haneul Park!

Anne Curtis Erwan Heussaff

Haneul Park is an ecological park in Seoul, and is such a romantic attraction in the city you wouldn’t have guessed that it used to be a landfill.

Anne and Erwan enlisted the services of SweetEscape, a holiday photography website that allows couples to book a local photographer to take romantic photos of them while traveling! In Anne and Erwan’s case, they were photographed by Hendry, a Seoul-based photographer.

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A post shared by Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith) on

So cute!

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