Ang naratibo ng bayan ay naratibo ng digma (The people’s narration is a tale of war)

The sudden precipitants when walking to the halls of the university, road from work, route back home

to the coverts of the countryside, will never be found in your mind. Off the rails and inhalation of smoke

or in the sludge of mud, is the duty to search for it.

On the 50th year of the inauguration of the Philippine revolution, various mass organizations headed by PandaySining and Alay Sining brings to the stage Sheila Abarra’s Ang Naratibo ng Bayan ay Naratibo ng Digma. Directed by Jayroven Balais, the play bears gratitude on the revolution that gives new births despite the bloodshed.

Ang Naratibo ng Bayan ay Naratibo ng Digma crosses all eras of resistance of the three characters who were products of their own accord according to their mandate. The warfare that can be stumbled upon the road, felt in the heat of the day, means more—the story of a worker experiencing inhumane treatments, a farmer that is pulled up in his own land.

The youth, as an essential part of the history of struggle, has always been at its forefront, and now, its

distinct role is staged through a three-act play. The play opens on November 30, 7 PM at the UP Cine Adarna. The other show date will be on December 1, 1 PM & 7 PM at the PUP COC Theatre.

For inquiries and other details, please message or call Ms. Rachelle Villamor at 09367816612 or email at

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