An Interstellar Event: Rose Sale Blooms in The Season of Love

The season of love kicks off this spring in the form of Ateneo Celadon’s annual Rose Sale event! The organization, home to students who exhibit the values to embrace and share Chinese culture, has hosted a longstanding tradition of celebrating the start of the year with this event. Rose Sale aims to encourage people to show their loved ones their own expressions of love, may it be in any form. By selling Valentine’s-themed products, Rose Sale celebrates love in the form of gift-giving.


While the event was traditionally conducted with gifts being presented and sent to loved ones, 2021 marks a year in which Valentine’s Day will not be celebrated face-to-face as it is normally done so. The implementation of online distance learning allowed an opportunity to shine through to reimagining the tradition. Ateneo Celadon then adapted to the online setting by seeking a faithful adaptation to the previous iterations of the event. This year’s Rose Sale: Love Beyond the Universe has become a month-long project that continually encourages the gift-giving of love through the means of online fundraising. “Love Beyond the Universe” acts as a theme to incorporate universal love. It manifests as an encouragement that love surpasses beyond the limits of physical restrictions, as we find ourselves sharing our love with one another with the form of virtual presence that gleans through physical isolation. 

Rose Sale DP 1

Rose Sale launched its official website on January 23, which serves as the online shopping platform for its products. Customers then have the option of having these gifts delivered directly to their loved ones or to themselves. Similar to other well-known e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, the Rose Sale Shop conducts its modes of online payment through PayPal, GCash, and specific bank transfers to comply with the social distancing guidelines set due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers can browse and buy their desired products up until February 19, 2021.


Aside from gift-giving, Rose Sale: Love Beyond the Universe is currently celebrating the festivities with the release of their celestially invigorating activities. A primary example is the Rose Sale confession board, which uploads anonymous confessions in the lighthearted spirit of celebrating love. On the board, users may engage in worthwhile conversations, such as previous posts that reveal compliments from secret admirers. One user professed their admiration for a loved one due to their easygoing and charming personality, while another post simply contained a pick-up line along with witty wordplay on the name of their addressee. To browse through  the eye-catching entries of the confession board and perhaps even submit your own anonymous entry, visit:


Additionally, the Mr. and Ms. Rose Sale pageant is another exciting addition to this year’s festivities. This main program of the event is composed of a series of talent-themed challenges, which include couples-pairing, video-making, and outfit-modeling. The online competition has its candidates compete to become crowned as the titular Mr. and Ms. Rose Sale of the event.


Rose Sale: Love Beyond the Universe is headed by Halle Megan Bata of 2 BSM AMF and Kyle Russell Andaya of 2 BS MGT-H, and supported by their fellow team members that engage the workload in various departments. The logistical processes for product orders are headed by Eira See (2 BS ME) in close cooperation with the operations committee in charge of shipping and gifting headed by Maybelle Tan (2 BS CTM). The programs team in charge of the conducted programs of Rose Sale is headed by Fernando Lao (2 BS ME). Promotional material for the event is primarily handled by Nicholas Chan (2 BS MGT-H), Jadyne de Jesus (1 BS HSc),  Jadee Go (2 BS ME), and Lindsey Yu (2 BS CTM). Social concerns are headed by Maj Victoria (2 BSM AMF). Deals with external organizations to promote, sponsor, and sell with Rose Sale are handled by Liezel Brito (2 BS LM), Richelle Chua (4 BS CTM), Franco Dytianquin (4 BS MGT),  and Jerome “Vee” Velasco (3 BSM AMF). 


If you’re curious about what Rose Sale has to offer, browse through our carefully curated selection of products, which will surely leave you starstruck! All items orbit around the event’s astronomical theme, you may just find the perfect gift hiding in plain sight from our wide range of products. See to check out exceptionally enchanting, stellar, and out-of-this world items.  


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Writeup by Jadyne de Jesus

Poster by Jadee Go and Jeff Lugay