An Inspiring Man in Ilocos Norte

Life can get rough sometimes. Once in a while, we find ourselves complaining because of too much work in the office or in school and we think we’re having the baddest days of all. I often have such days but a recent viral post on Facebook somehow made me rethink things.

A few days ago, Jansen Sangueza posted about a manong in Ilocos Norte who defied all odds and worked with all efforts despite his disability.

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Photos courtesy of Jansen Sangueza

The post failed to mention about manong’s name but it was indicated that he was working hard for his wife and two children. If he can do it and strive beyond capabilities to work well for a living, may he be an inspiration and a gentle reminder to all of us to do the same.

We salute you, manong!

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Please share this with your friends and family and let this man’s inspirational acts spread. 🙂


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