An in-depth look: The Nike LeBron XVII Low “TITAN”

It’s no secret that Filipinos love basketball. In many areas, a community isn’t complete without a basketball hoop and groups of people clamoring together to play, dribbling the ball, channeling their heroes as they display their footwork, and let gravity do the work as they finally let go of the ball and let it drift into the waiting net.

This love for basketball is what inspired TITAN, a brand founded in 2010 in Burgos Circle, BGC. What started off as a love for basketball culminated into a brand that is known worldwide for its dedication and passion for the sport. Their slogan “For Love of the Game” is now globally recognized, what with their gorgeous releases, clear vision, and how they bring the Philippine love of basketball to the world stage.

Which is why when the new LeBron James collab dropped (aptly named “TITAN”, we knew we had to pick the brains of the people over at TITAN for more.

“Essentially the one thing that we really wanted to get across with the overarching theme of the shoe is ‘Manila to the world’ and we try to tell that story,” Nikko Ramos, Brand Connections Director, tells us. “It’s important for us to collaborate with so many of our local talents. These are really the people who love basketball and that’s what the brand was created for.”

The shoe itself is a gorgeous, striking shade of red with golden accents, a direct contrast to the previous LeBron collab. Atop the shoe is a beautiful golden design with the words “Para sa kadakilaan,” an interpretation and beautiful translation of LeBron’s life motto “Strive for greatness” which is his mantra and sometimes what he signs off his IG posts with.

“There are parallels between LeBron’s story and with Filipinos… He comes from humble beginnings, like many of us, and rose to the world stage still. It felt like a natural message to share,” says Nikko Ramos about the design and the choice of words emblazoned on the top of the shoe.

We can see how meaningful this collab is knowing LeBron’s background and how many Filipinos aspire for that very same thing, coming from small beginnings and shooting for the stars. Many are inspired to strive for greatness themselves, and the thoughtful translation only helps it hit home even harder.

And just like how LeBron rose to great heights from being doubted when he was young, so did the brand.

“We’re told a lot that ‘wow, you guys are known globally,’ and while we see the compliment in that, we want to be just one of the Filipino brands that are internationally known,” Ramos explains as he talks about how TITAN has made such an impact not just on the world of basketball in the local scene, but all over the world. “Manila to the world isn’t just the TITAN story, it’s not just our brand to the world, but about how anyone who’s passionate about basketball can do it, too.”

Nike LeBron 17 Low ‘Titan’ launches August 1, 2020 on TITAN22.COM + Titan App for Php 8,095.

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