An ‘Extra’ Look Back: Who Among Darna’s Past Enemies Was Your Favorite?

From the trending fight with the Martean warrior Luna (Kira Balinger) to the thrilling confrontations with Valentina (Janella Salvador), the new season of “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” came in swinging with action-packed scenes that showcased Darna’s (Jane de Leon) powers and abilities. With new villains and even more exciting face-offs that are unfolding this season, take a look back at Darna’s previous enemies, the “Extras,” that tested her wisdom and strength as a “protector.”


While Extras may seem as bad in the eyes of many, Darna believes that they are also victims who need help. It is certainly true for Javier (Dominic Ochoa) who tried to expose the corruption behind the construction of a government facility that was being built using substandard materials. After being buried alive, Javier emerged as “Lindol Man” who has the ability to generate earthquakes.

Lindol Man

Dominic Ochoa as Lindol Man

On the contrary, Silent Shocker (Boom Labrusca) opposed Darna’s way of serving justice and prefers Valentina’s killing spree to eradicate the evil beings in Nueva Esperanza. He also used his electrokinesis abilities to orchestrate several accidents that tarnished Darna’s reputation.

Silent Shocker

Boom Labrusca as Silent Shocker

Another memorable Extra is the Ex-Triad group consisting of Inno/Drag Mouth (Karl Gabriel), who spits acidic liquid from his mouth; Klara/The Seductress (Jef Gaitan), a red-haired extra who uses hypnotism to manipulate minds; and Miguel/Boy Chop-Chop (Henz Villariz) who can detach his limbs from his body.

Drag Mouth

Karl Gabriel as Drag Mouth


Jef Gaitan as Seductress

No one is safe from becoming an Extra, not even Brian Robles (Joshua Garcia) who had an evil clone. His doppelgänger was brought to life when shards of chrysalis landed on the mirror that Brian was looking at. His duplicate known as “Dark Brian” locked up the real Brian in a cell and used his position as a police officer to fulfill his evil desires.

Some other Extras that Darna also fought are Strength Man (Jerald Napoles), Killer Ghost (Christian Bables), Clone Man (Neil Coleta), Human Urchin (Loren Burgos), and Levitator (Enchong Dee).

Strength Man

Jerald Napoles as Strength Man

Killer Ghost

Christian Bables as Killer Ghost

Clone Man

Neil Coleta as Clone Man

Human Urchin

Loren Burgos as Human Urchin


Enchong Dee as Levitator

As Darna wholeheartedly fulfills her mission, who will be the next villains to challenge her grit and strength?

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