AMPliTude2017 : SILAKBO

TudePoster (WhenInManila) 


We’ve got Conscious and The Goodness rocking and chilling out with us too!

AMPliTude2017: SILAKBO is happening this Saturday, March 11, 2017, at Route 196. The Ateneo Musicians’ Pool is performing their originals for you live and showing everyone that OPM lives on—all just for 300 pesos! We’ve got Conscious and The Goodness joining us and performing for you, too!

It’s more than just a night where people who know how to play instruments and sing well get to perform for you. AMPliTude2017 : SILAKBO showcases not just Atenean talent, but pure, and exceptional Filipino skill.  It’s a night that celebrates life, music, and great beer—how else would you rather celebrate your Saturday night?

It’s at AMPliTude where we’re also launching our yearly album, AMPliTunes, where you get to hear the very originals being played for you (and more) on record! In celebration of OPM, we’ve invited a band that continues to keep that genre strong, alive, and extremely diverse—join us swoon along to Conscious and The Goodness and let the night go on and on with all the music the Filipino talent has to offer. All this for the price of 300 pesos? I’d consider your March 12, 2017 a night you won’t regret.


The Ateneo Musicians’ Pool has been the premier music organization in the Ateneo since 1996. We are a non-profit organization where individuals realize their integral development through music. We dedicate ourselves to excel in music production, development and appreciation by creating projects and structures that support members in enhancing their talents and fulfilling their pursuits.

We advocate our members’ holistic formation and contribute to the transformation of the Philippine society by creating a view of human existence where music and the arts are essential. The Ateneo Musicians’ Pool aims to foster a culture in the organization where members are given the opportunity to realize music’s impact as well as the significance of their own individual roles to the greater Filipino community.

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