LOOK: These Americans Got Bashed for Naming Their Bar ‘Barkada’

Four friends in Washington DC decided to open a wine bar recently, which they named ‘Barkada’. In their most recent Instagram post, they explain that they chose this name because they felt like the word ‘barkada’ embodies a sense of friendship and bond between people.

As it turns out, however, some netizens weren’t very happy about this name choice since 1) none of the owners are Filipino and 2) none of the items in their menu are Filipino.

The owners have read a lot of these comments and have since issued a statement on their Instagram account stating that  they missed the mark when they ventured outside of their own language to capture that sentiment. They apologized to all that they have offended and to their community that they hope to serve. They explain: “It was never our intention to appropriate or capitalize on the Filipino culture and we recognize we fell short in engaging more of the Filipino community.”

They add: “Our goal is to be a gathering place for friends in the neighborhood and to become friends with those neighbors.” Read their full statement here:

Due to the many online sentiments, the barkada behind ‘Barkada’ is now planning on changing their name as stated in their bar’s Instagram bio, and are looking forward to hearing more of people’s thoughts and how they can better capture their ideals. They will be donating proceeds from their opening to support the Filipino community, as well.

“Barkada is a beautiful word with a deep meaning of friendship. We want to honor that, and you, as we move forward.” Since posting their announcement, many people have left comments encouraging them to keep the name. Do you think they should?

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