American Idol Canceled: Final Season Next Year

After 14 wonderful, heart-wrenching, tearful and joyous seasons… Fox has just announced that the hit show American Idol will be having its final season next year.

American Idol Canceled

The show used to have over 20 million viewers from all over the world and dominated television! It was the show that gave birth to stars like Kelly Clarkson, Carry Underwood, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert and even Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest! For 8 seasons, it was the top rated show. Unfortunately after season 8, the show’s ratings started going down. New shows such as “The Voice” took over and American Idol began to fade.

American Idol Cast

The 15th and final season will begin in January 2016 with the same panel of judges namely Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban. Ryan Seacrest will of course return to host the show. In a press release, FOX shares that in its final season, they hope to not only crown the final American Idol champ but to also pay tribute to the winners of the first 15 seasons.

We sure will miss this show, but I guess it’s time to pass the baton!

Who were your favorite American Idol stars?

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