AMEOWZING: Looking for a ‘Purrfect’ Date this Valentine’s Day?

You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. These cute and hot four-legged felines of BGC have adorable dating profiles to help you lovely hoomans make a love connection this Valentine’s. Their ‘tinpurr’ profiles let you know their names, age, whether they are spayed or neutered or not, and a little of their backstories.

Since the cats of BGC don’t have the right digits to scroll and swipe right, they needed a bit of help to get themselves out there in the dating scene. This is why a few ameowzing hoomans volunteered to make online profiles for them.

Here, you can check out some of the profiles below.


Hot Mama


Shy-type Belo


Swipe right for Liquorice!


Sorry, guys. Sweet Angel is taken.


Sorry, girls. Playful Caramel has found his fur-ever home already.Cats-of-BGC-Nibbles-for-adoption

Nibbles, ‘maginoo pero medyo bastos?’Cats-of-BGC-Meghan-for-adoption

Princess MeghanCats-of-BGC-Eleven for adoption

The Famous Eleven has also found her match already.

Here is an example of a successful match. Watch…


Angel’s heartbreak story is now a thing of the past!

Get to know the Cats of BGC

You will find these adorable kitties along High Street and surrounding areas. A volunteer group is helping them find their matches. They have quite a following actually. We’re grateful that the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center and CARA Welfare Philippines have conducted trap-neuter-release (TNR) for some of them or else they will overrun the place and break more hearts than necessary.

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We need the Cats of BGC off the streets, however. We’re never sure if and when someone will sic the stray cat catchers on them. Not everyone loves cats, unfortunately. Despite the best efforts of animal welfare organizations to educate people, some people stick to the idea that euthanizing strays instead of conducting TNR is the cost-effective solution to manage the stray animal population.

Sad, but we got to work around that for now by making sure the BGC kitties we love and adore find loving homes.

So, to make your match, go on to the social media pages of the Cats of BGC and start ‘swiping’ and chatting!

Cats of BGC
@BGCCatsph on Facebook
@catsofBGC on Instagram

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