AMBIsyon 2.0 (AMBI: Accounting, Marketing, Budgeting, and Inspiring)

AMBIsyon 2.0 Poster

Now on its second year, the AMBIsyon 2.0 is a half-day event aimed at helping owners and prospective owners of microenterprises in financing their businesses. The theme of the event is called AMBI: Accounting, Marketing, Budgeting, and Inspiring. The beneficiaries are the mothers of ASA Philippines, a micro-lender institution. The program consists of talks regarding basic accounting, marketing, budgeting, and inspiration by various speakers who are known for their expertise in these particular fields.

The event is a concrete way of promoting national development by letting the members of BEA directly engage the communities outside of the university. The talks, workshops, and classes of the Outreach essentially endorse the importance of economics and finance to the society at large.

Expected to attend this event are 150-300 women, who are micro lenders under ASA Philippines. They will be joined by organizers and faculty members from the UA&P School of Economics. The event will be held at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium of the University of Asia and the Pacific on April 22, 2017.

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