AMAZING: Turn Your Phone Into a Lightsaber

AMAZING Turn Your Phone Into a Lightsaber 2

Many Star Wars fans have fond memories of re-enacting the fight scenes from the six movies that came out from 1977 to 2005. No lightsaber? No problem! We made do with sticks, rolls of cartolina, or anything that is long. Now, new fans and techies can join the fun because Google did something amazing: they can now turn your smartphone into a lightsaber!

You can now turn your Jedi fantasies into reality through Lightsaber Escape, a game Google developed recently. Like a Wii, you can use your smartphone to wield your lightsaber in a computer or laptop screen.

AMAZING Turn Your Phone Into a Lightsaber

To play the game, you must go to on Google Chrome, where you will receive a unique webpage you can input on your smartphone. The computer/laptop will pair with the smartphone, you will see your lightsaber on the screen, which you can control with your smartphone. The scene will quickly change as a group of the Death Star’s stormtroopers will appear and attack.

After several stages, you will have a one-on-one battle with a stormtrooper with the new anti-lightsaber weapon from The Force Awakens.

Sounds cool, right? Say goodbye to your cartolina roll!

Have you tried the game? What do you think?