Amanpulo Resort, Palawan: Paradise in the Philippines

When In Manila, you would definitely hear about our country’s most luxurious resort known world-wide. For those who want to experience ultimate relaxation and privacy, this is the place for you! But mind you, staying in this paradise comes with a huge price. Rest assured though that those who had the chance to stay here can definitely say that they’ve already experienced a little bit of heaven. I introduce to you folks the award-winning and recipient of the #1 Best Small and Hotel/Resort worldwide, The Amanpulo Resort, Palawan

Just to give you a short background about Amanpulo, this entire resort occupies the whole of Pamalican Island. The island can be located among the Quiniluban Group of Cuyo Islands, just somewhere north of the Philippine Province of Palawan. That’s just a tidbit of geography but now, let’s move on to my one of a kind experience at Amanpulo.

 As part of the standard procedure, all guests must gather at a private hangar near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We were then assisted to wait at the Amanpulo Lounge just across the El Nido Lounge . After some refreshments and snacks, we were informed by the attendant that we can already embark on the Dornier Do 228 aircraft to ferry us to Pamalican Island. 

The aircraft going to Amanpulo

It took us about an hour and a half to land at the island’s personal airstrip (yes, they have their own airstrip!). One amazing fact was that upon disembarking the plane, the staff greeted us with our first names! I was actually amazed how they manage to identify us without having the chance to actually see us prior to the trip. So as our luggages were being transported inwards the island, each group or family were then escorted to their own private golf cart accompanied by a guide. Since they advocate the value of independent travel when in the island, the golf carts are for your own personal use.

Golf carts ready for use!

We then started to tour around the resort showing us the abundance of plant life, informing us of the different facilities and amenities on the island, the type of water activities that you could do, the international themed restaurants, and basically everything there is to know about Amanpulo Resort. 

Entrance to the Clubhouse

The interior of the clubhouse

The Beach Club – You could also have your breakfast here or order some snacks

 Abundance of plant life surround the island

 They also have a swimming pool if you choose to do some laps

The Library – they also offer DVD’s that you could borrow if you want to have a movie night 

More photos of Amanpulo in the next pages!


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