Always Be Vigilant: Register for FREE WEBINAR for I.T. Professionals

Direc Business Technologies, Inc. will conduct a free webinar on the 23rd of June 2020, at 2:00 PM via Zoom, entitled “What to Do When Your Computer is Being Held Hostage?”

As the top-of-mind provider of intelligent business management solutions ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, IT and Security, HRIS, and Payroll, Direc Business Technologies realizes the importance of maximizing the opportunity to learn digital, especially in these trying times. 

In this era, when cyber-attacks are rising and continuously evolving, organizations should not be complacent, knowing that cybersecurity is one of the growing problems for any business. Preventing these attacks requires stronger security measures, but the question is, can your company survive with its current measures? 

Learn more about how your organization will ensure and strengthens your cybersecurity measures as we invite you to this upcoming free webinar that will provide the latest tools, innovative solutions, and new security strategies to optimize your defense.

Here are some following reasons why you should attend:

  • Stay on top of the current technology to know how to counter cyberattacks
  • Hear first-hand knowledge from IT experts and learn innovative solutions to keep your business safe from any cyber attacks
  • Understand the challenges of CISO and prepare for the progressing cyber threats
  • Connect with the best industry innovators and leaders to know the latest insights and ideas on tech innovations 

To register for free, kindly click this link: For further information about the event, you may contact Ms. Juliana Carisle Matias at (0917) 170 4444 or email

You may also visit our website at and check our Official Facebook Page at for more inquiries.

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