Alvia: Versatile Bags for On-the-Go Millennials

Bags are very important for girls, especially for millennials. Aside from being a style statement, it also holds the most important things that millennials bring with them, including their gadgets.

Alvia Bags

As a fashion stylist, I know that there are two bag colors that every girl should have: black and brown. You can rotate these two, depending on your outfit. A medium-sized one, around 8-10 inches in width, is the perfect size to fit your wallet, power-bank, makeup kit, and other essentials.

Alvia Bags 1

This particular bag from Alvia is made for on-the-go women to travel with, bring to work, and keep the bucket list without sacrificing on style.

Alvia Bags 2

They have different colors and designs that will fit your personality, as well. Plus, they have a promo that offers cash on delivery and free delivery.