Altair Vitor: Locally-Made Men’s Underwear That’s World Class in Quality

Gone are the days of uncomfortable and ill-fitting underwear in brands that you’ve been using since your parents started buying you a pair. Men, you understand what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure that, in one way or another, you’ve wished for an alternative to your normal underwear–high-quality and breathable that won’t burn a hole into your wallet.

Well, here it is: Altair Vitor, a local brand of high-quality men’s underwear.

Angelo Yu, one of the co-founders of Altair Vitor, shares with what really made him and his group of friends create the brand: “I also found it unfair how women would have so many options but unfortunately for guys, when it comes to underwear, most just buy from the department store, continuing to buy what their moms bought for them when they were kids. While those that were more particular, like myself, didn’t really have many options to choose from.”

So, they created a new option for Pinoys who share in their frustrations.

Altair Vitor takes pride in the quality of the products that they offer. It’s soft, breathable, and sustainable!

They actually use bamboo yarn for their products, which makes each one soft and silky to the skin and three times more breathable than the normal cotton underwear that’s commercially available. Plus, bamboo yarn is better for the environment because they don’t use harmful pesticides, they need less water, and they grow very quickly.

But wait, THERE’S MORE! Altair Vitor actually offers men’s underwear at an affordable price, starting at PHP 249 and with discounts for packs of four.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it because we’ve experienced their product and it made me want to throw out every underwear that I have and start afresh.

Aside from its quality, Altair Vitor also has additional features I never knew I needed such as the “anti-muffin top” which is made possible by an extra-wide waistband, and leg holes that won’t ride up as I move around.

If you still aren’t convinced that you should get new underwear, here’s what Angelo has to say: “Calling out those who have bacon-y underwear- please, you definitely need new ones now- or want to treat yourself to finally feeling super comfortable, because we believe it’s basically every guy’s right to, and most importantly, if you want to look good or feel good with or without clothes, then you should definitely give Altair Vitor a try!”

Altair Vitor is also available Lazada and they deliver nationwide.

Altair Vitor

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